We now have a ideal residential yoga and meditation retreat space in central Rishikesh.

We can accommodate individuals and couples and small groups of up to a maximum of 5 people.

Usual Daily Schedule (Not TTC)
Morning Meditation/Yoga - 5-30am till 6-30am
Breakfast - 8am
Lunch -1pm
Chai - 4-30pm
Evening Yoga/Meditation - 5pm till 6pm
Evening Snacks - 6-30pm

*Optional Music Class in Morning

Daily Cost.

Stays of up to 6 days - 5500/6000 (£55/60) rupees individual/couple.
Stays 7 days and over 5000/5500 (£50/55) rupees individual/couple
Certified 28 Day Yoga TTC 120,000 rupees (£1200)

Dehra Dun Airport Pick Up - 1000 rupees. 

To connect & book email:


““I undertook a silent retreat in the summer of 2017. I was instantly welcomed with warmth and love by Maheshwari & Hari Das and we have remained friends since this time. The good vibration of the retreat carried everyone through the week with ease. It wasn't just the energy of the retreat, they both built a powerful and wonderful aura in all those years in Rishikesh in their ashram and I felt honoured to stay there for a short time. What I cherished most is the honesty of Maheshwari & Hari Das which made it so easy to open my Heart and connect with them. Thank you again for this experience and I'm looking forward to meeting you again. Om Shanti.... ” 

Adi - Germany