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(from Jan.4th 2021)

Introductory Beginners Course (8 weeks)- Commences Sunday 10th Jan - 8pm till 9pm - £60

Yoga Class (Mon-Sat) 8pm till 9pm - £8

Meditation Class (Mon-Sat) 9.15pm till 10pm - £5

Sunday Satsang - 6-30pm (max 75 min) - £5

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Mark Harrison (Hari Das)

Founder of Brahma Nada Yoga school

School Accredited with the Independent Yoga Network in the UK

All classes are suitable for yogi's of all levels from beginner to advanced.


All classes encourage the practise of ease (sukha) utilising the breath and posture in a pulsing motion (spanda) to explore and play (lila) at our boundaries or edges in order to reach our fullest possible expression (purna).

It is recommended if you are able to undertake the beginners course for 8 consecutive Sundays to break down the different aspects of the yoga system we teach and provide you with a full knowledge of this method. However it is also possible to enter the classes directly and absorb as you go.

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